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Firenza Tyres

International Tyres is the exclusive UK distributor of Firenza truck tyres. The mid-range brand has grown in reputation since its UK launch in 2002.

With a wide selection of sizes from 215/75R17.5 up to 445/65R22.5 in a variety of patterns, there is a tyre suitable for most applications.

We can also look at exclusive distributor agreements for certain areas of the UK.

215/75R17.5 SSR05A 135/133J
245/70R19.5 SSR05A 136/134M (141/140J)
265/70R19.5 SSR05A 140/138M (143/141J)
275/70R22.5 SSR05A 148/145M
295/60R22.5 SSR05A 149/146L
295/60R22.5 SSD08 149/146L
295/80R22.5 SSR05A 152/148M
295/80R22.5 SSD08 152/148M
295/80R22.5 SSM10 152/148M
315/60R22.5 SSR05A 152/148L
315/60R22.5 SSD08 152/148L
315/70R22.5 SSR05A 152/148M (154/150L)
315/70R22.5 SSD08 152/148M (154/150L)
315/80R22.5 SSR05A 154/150M (156/150L)
315/80R22.5 SSD08 154/150M (156/150L)
385/65R22.5 SSR055A+ 160K (158L)
385/65R22.5 SST066 160K (158L)
425/65R22.5 SSR055A 165K
425/65R22.5 SST066 165K
445/65R22.5 SSR055A 169J
445/65R22.5 SST066 169J
11R22.5 SSR05A 148/145M
11R22.5 SSD08 148/145M
12R22.5 SSR05A 152/148M
12R22.5 SSD08 152/148M

For more information visit the Sumo Firenza website or download the Firenza TBR brochure.

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