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Zeta Tyres

The Zeta brand is our economy range of truck tyres. We have been selling Zeta for the last three years in large quantities increasing month on month. This is due to customers being pleased with the excellent quality, performance and reliability at the right economy price.

The brand is growing in reputation in the UK because Zeta's excellent quality means customers are not experiencing any of the problems usually associated with some Chinese import tyres.

215/75R17.5 DR902 135/133J
235/75R17.5 DR902 143/141J
295/80R22.5 DR909 152/148M
295/80R22.5 DR920 152/148M
315/80R22.5 DR909 156/150L
315/80R22.5 DR920 156/150L
385/65R22.5 DR905 160K
11R22.5 DR909 148/145M
11R22.5 DR920 148/145L
12R22.5 DR909 152/148L
12R22.5 DR920 152/148L

For more information visit the Zeta website.

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